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EP Review

“They are a fun band, and they have a refreshing sound that captures you, pulls you in and smacks you over the head with a diversity of instruments and sounds.” -A Look Into Music, 2018

“This band was designed to shatter genre barriers with a funky groove and a tinge of jazz.” -A Look Into Music, 2018

Rock vibrations

The King of Mars is one of few “bands that manage to put in their music something unique and also innovative, making several interesting mixtures of genres within Rock.” -Rock Vibrations, 2018

Review by Rock Vibrations

Live Concert

“Can’t tell you how happy we were with the [TKOM] show. I appreciate… the bands pulling out all of the stops on promotion. The night was a big success for all parties involved.” -Kickstand Productions, SubT 2016


“Since we have so many different members, our influences are all over the place, but to me, that’s what makes the music so interesting.” -TKOM

Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life, Interview with The King of Mars


“I can safely speak for the band when saying we all have a deep passion for music and really want this to become a full-fledged career. Being able to do what we love for a living has been our main motivation behind this band.” -TKOM

York Calling, Interview with The King of Mars

3 Songs & OUT Interview

“Die Hard is most definitely a Christmas movie, BUT it’s one of the few Christmas movies you can watch anytime of year and not be weird” -TKOM

3 Songs & Out, Interview with The King of Mars


“We all have a few scales/technical exercises we do on our respective instruments to warm up before a show. Someday I want to get the band to do a group yoga session before each show, but I’m not sure that would fly with everyone.” -TKOM

Kill the Music, Interview with The King of Mars

pete’s rock news & Views

“…I also can’t help but be sarcastic with my lyrics sometimes. The last track [on Bleach and Aspirin], “Against Me”, is a satirical statement on love and the treatment of women nowadays. Men love to blame women for every one of their problems, but never think at the end of the day that the problem might actually be themselves.” -TKOM

Pete’s Rock News & Views, Interview with The King of Mars

Listen to “Bleach and Aspirin” here!


“I love our fans. Sometimes I still can’t believe we have fans. I try to never take that for granted. We’re so incredibly lucky to be doing what we’re doing and the fans are the ones who make that possible.” -TKOM

Breathing the Core, Interview with The King of Mars

zt thoughts

“If you ever happen to grace us with your presence at one, you can expect a tight rhythm section, in tune three-part vocal harmonies, a boisterous horn section and some high energy from us all!” -TKOM

ZT Thoughts, Interview with The King of Mars

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